Hartsfield Manor Betchworth, Surrey

Hartsfield Manor Wedding Photography

If you are planning your wedding on one of the Surrey wedding venues, and you also looking for a wedding planning in Surrey, you will be very pleased. I can assure, you will be in the best hands. As a Surrey wedding photographer, I attended weddings and events at this venue many times, and event planners and coordinators along with all other staff are all very professional, nice and accommodating to any request wedding couple could have.

Wedding and bridal preparations

You can book a hotel room and stay overnight before your wedding, or you can simply arrive on your wedding day and book a bridal suite or room that will cater to your needs, you should ask, for example, how many people will be with you in the room getting you ready for the ceremony? This venue has such an advantage, that in any room you book, you have guaranteed stunning views of stunning Surrey nature.

Wedding ceremony

Your wedding ceremony room is the one in the heart of the hotel, on the ground floor. It has a piano in a smaller room, and your wedding ceremony will take place in the bigger room, which is neutrally decorated in beige and white colours, to match the surrounding nature and the forest theme that surrounding Hartsfield Manor. Any time of the year, the ceremony room offers a lot of daylight, as many large windows let natural light in, and when it gets dark, the atmosphere is created by sidewall intimate lamps.

Wedding reception

Hartsfield Manor offers different wedding packages and different solutions to your needs. They have few different rooms for hire, again, it depends on how many guests you will have at your wedding, and if the rooms are available on that date.

Wedding Couple Photographs

Hartsfield Manor is located in stunning Surrey countryside, and will wow you with the nature views and sunsets you can watch from their terrace. Every season will bring different personalities into your wedding photographs. In summer, you will benefit from flowers and lavender, in autumn red and orange leafs will create a stunning background, winter snow and fireplace can create a fantastic atmosphere in winter, and you will call for wedding photographs in spring blossoming nature.

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