About me

Katarina Nichol

Wedding Photographer

When I photographed my first wedding, at that very moment I was amazed by the explosion of all emotions you can experience in one day altogether! Over the years of photographing weddings, I developed my personal style and taste. After trying different approaches to wedding photography, I fell in love with documenting weddings. I adore all those unexpected and special moments that can be captured and turned into memories. Along of developing my personal wedding photography style, I also became a strong believer you should enjoy your wedding day and this is what also made me become a documentary-style wedding photographer. What gives me the passion to photograph weddings? The answer is easy – every wedding is unique and I always have a chance to learn about different cultures and traditions. I see myself as a relaxed and respectful wedding photographer. We live here and now – celebrating love of two people deserves to be captured in the most candid way.

Email me: photo@katarinanichol.com

I cannot wait to hear more about your wedding

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