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Many of my clients get married for the first time in their lives, so naturally I decided to write photography guide. I decided to write down everything you should be as a wedding couple aware or careful about, what you shouldn’t forget about your wedding and what you shouldn’t underestimate.

All this advice and information comes from my many years of experience as a wedding photographer. Of course, you have to take into account that every wedding is different, but still most weddings follow the same rules and rituals. I am not a wedding organizer, so I will focus on planning wedding day from the point of view of wedding photography.

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Bridal and groom preparations

As a wedding couple, you must first decide if you want to photograph your wedding preparations as the bride and groom getting ready. If you want to document your entire wedding day, these photographs will capture the details of your preparations, all the emotions you will experience, often also capture family ties, hugs and reunions, laughter and a little nervousness, which usually prevails to a small extent at every wedding preparation.

I will capture your preparations in the documentary type of photography, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to use the final moments before your wedding ceremony for family portraits and portraits with bridesmaids, but also to capture the first look, which is very popular and modern at the moment.

The first look is the moment when your partner, or bridesmaids will see you for the first time in your wedding dress. It can also be a moment when your father or mother sees you for the first time in a wedding dress and it is an invaluable very emotional moment for everyone involved.

The moment you are ready to leave for church or wedding venue or registry office, I will photograph your departure.

Wedding ceremony

It’s finally here – long-awaited wedding ceremony that you have been planning for months, or years. Wedding guests are starting to go down to the wedding hall. Both partners must have a 10-minute interview with the wedding celebrant or registrar, and both have this interview separately.

When you come to the wedding ceremony, I will document you stepping out of the car. The wedding registrar will invite all guests and your partner, who has already passed the interview, to the wedding hall where everyone will sit down and wait for bridal arrival.

In the ceremony room I photograph guests, and slightly nervous groom. Before the bride enters ceremony room,wedding celebrant invites all guests to stand up to welcome the bride. At this very moment, I photograph you walking down the aisle.

If there are bridesmaids walking down the aisle first, please make sure you keep some distance – walk a few meters behind them to give me enough space to photograph your arrival. Wedding ceremony is photographed in a candid and documentary way of photography, also exchange of rings and first wedding kiss.

Church ceremony

The registry office usually does not have restrictions on where the wedding photographer should stand and whether I can take pictures with the flash. However, if your wedding is in church, you need to talk to the pastor, vicar or priest, because in 90% of all churches it is forbidden to photograph the wedding couple from the front.

I am often told that I can only take pictures from the back of the church, and most vicars forbid using flash, sometimes much needed. The wedding couple are usually told there are no restrictions or that the church is flexible with requirements – but I highly recommend to ask exactly where the photographer can be positioned, and if it is possible to use the flash during the wedding ceremony.

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Wedding confetti

When your wedding ceremony is over, I photograph you leaving the ceremony. This is the perfect moment to plan a confetti. You need to find out in advance if you can throw confetti. Most wedding venues have already banned confetti that are not biodegradable.

You can buy greatly composable confetti on many online portals that are not harmful to the environment. Petals of roses or other flowers with larger petals look best in the photos. If your wedding venue does not even allow biodegradable confetti, you can buy bubbles instead of confetti.

After this amazing moment, full of happiness and enthusiasm, I usually take family group photos if you wish. Family photos together can be left for later – for example, if your venue has a nicer background or the weather is unpleasant. Please prepare a list of wedding guests with whom you would like to take photos, this will speed up the shooting process and you will not forget anyone. One family group takes about 3 minutes.

If you are planning to have sparkles on your wedding day, make sure you have more than one lighter – to ensure your guests can light up all sparkles in the same time.

Wedding transport

If your wedding reception is elsewhere and we are moving, I always recommend creating a list of your guests for whom you need to arrange transportation and book a sufficient number of taxis in advance.

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Wedding couple photographs

Years of wedding photography practice have taught me all my clients are unique, as are their weddings. I am a documentary wedding photographer, but at the same time I believe that a wedding couple portrait is an important part of every wedding. I always help my clients with the poses and organizing the whole photo shoot, so that the wedding portraits are a beautiful and romantic experience for both of you.

I will choose positions for you that look natural and everything will take place in a relaxed atmosphere. I can promise you that it will be a great experience. As I said previously every wedding couple is different – some want only one or two wedding portraits, and others 20 wedding portraits. I usually recommend spending 15-30 minutes on wedding couple portraits, so that we have enough time to choose the right place and composition for you.

If you wish for sunset photographs, you need to plan these photos for the hour at which the sun sets, depending on the season and the month, as well as the weather.

Wedding breakfast and reception

When all your guests sit down for a wedding breakfast, there is usually a welcome toast given by one of the parents or wedding couple. The moment you start to eat, I stop taking photos, and I also have a break to eat. Speeches are photographed in a documentary style. The last course is usually followed by the cutting of the cake, and the first dance, which opens wedding party and evening reception.

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What do I need from you?

I am often asked if I need anything from you. In case I am with you all day at the wedding, I will appreciate if I get the main course, and please attach a list of family group photographs at the end.

I hope I covered most of the questions you might have had, but if not please get in touch and I am happy to answer all of them.

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