Terms of conditions of photography services

Terms, conditions and policies below apply to all photography sessions – weddings, family, party, events.

Photography lighting, event and wedding ceremony restrictions

You will be contacted 1 week before your wedding to discuss the final details of your wedding schedule and to make sure all information given on the booking form is correct and up to date. It is the client’s responsibility to make arrangements with the church or register office or wedding venue to allow me to use external lighting – in case external lighting cannot be used when needed, I cannot take responsibility for the sharpness of photographs, therefore please speak to your registrar or vicar before your wedding day and agree on photography restrictions before your wedding ceremony.

Wedding photographs, phones/tablets and other photographers and videographers

I recommend to think if you allow your guests and family members to take photographs and videos while your ceremony is taking place (as they will appear on your wedding photographs with phones/tablets in their hands). You can ask registrar to tell your guests that you wish they will keep their phones in their pockets.

You can later provide your guests with an online gallery where they will be able to see and download all photographs from your wedding. If you have a family or friend member who is not a professional photographer or videographer and they wish to work on their portfolio I am happy for them to join me, but let them know they might be asked to change their position. If you have a non professional or professional videographer, I am happy to cooperate with them, however please know videographers will appear on some of your photographs – this depends on where they will be positioned, therefore I recommend speaking to you videographer in advance to make sure they are using long lenses so they are not in your first kiss photograph, and make sure they will not have their stands in visible place while your ceremony is taking place (as it would be on all your photographs.

In case you will have another professional photographer/videographer on your event, you have to notify Katarina Nichol Photography in advance, as this might cause disruption to professional work flow. In case you will not notify Katarina Nchol Photography about another professional photographer, photography might not take place and refund will not be given.

Wedding couple photographs and family group photographs

 After the ceremony, most of the time wedding couple wish for stage photos, followed by wedding guests called wedding family group photographs. However, this part is up to you – if you wish to get these photos done or you prefer not to – you can decide on your day, but I always recommend thinking about this in advance.

Wedding couple staged photographs usually take around 20 minutes – 1 hour. If you decide you wish to include staged photographs, my recommendation is to write a list of guests you wish to take photos with as this speeds up the process. This list can be given to me and I will look after a smooth run.

Wedding reception, speeches and wedding breakfast

When wedding breakfast starts, I stop photographing because taking pictures of your guests while eating makes them feel uncomfortable. At this point, I also eat – I appreciate if you provide a portion of food for me, however, if you don’t, please let me in advance and I will make arrangements for myself (this applies for weddings over 6 hours).

Wedding speech and cutting of your wedding cake

After speeches and lunch, I photograph your first dance, cutting the cake, entertainment, traditions, and your party and evening guests. When is time for me to finish, I will notify you. If you decide you would like me to stay longer, there is an extra charge of £100 for every started extra hour and every extra hour will bring an extra 50 edited photographs. The details, arrangements, and changes of the photography session must be agreed upon in writing by both sides.

Wedding confetti

Clients have to notify photographer when and where confetti will take place, to make sure photographs are managed by professional photographer for the best results. If you do not let photographer know about confetti, it might be missed as the right settings and lighting might not be in place.

Injuries, photography content

I or any of my assistants or fellow/associate photographers are not responsible for any injuries or accidents to clients, guests, and employees. I am not responsible for facial expressions, bridal or any other makeup, body shapes, decor, lighting, colors, or any content and decorations of client’s events/sessions what will appear on photographs. Lighting and make-up often change skin tones, therefore I cannot take responsibility for clients’ skin tones and skin color that will appear on photographs.

Photography equipment

Photographers carry back up equipment. Photographers/assistants are also not responsible for any technical failure on the place and technical and other failure of photography equipment beyond their control (for example if lightning strikes photography equipment etc.).

Wedding guests and photographs

If you have a higher volume of guests attending your event, we cannot guarantee every guest will appear in photographs. If you have specific requirements to photograph certain guests, please let the photographer know and they will do so. Always people who are close to a wedding couple or person who celebrates special occasion, will appear on the most photographs (for example if you have bridesmaids who are your right hand on the day, will appear on more photographs more than your close family members who are not with you or sit not close to you). It is the client’s responsibility to inform all guests/family members/employees they will appear on photographs that I might use for marketing and/or commercial purposes.

Exceptional circumstances

In case any of my belongings or equipment is stolen during your event – I have the right to end my work on your event straight away without giving refund, and the police will be called. If anyone who works under Katarina Nichol Photography feel sexually harassed or threatened in any way or if your wedding venue and/or event is not safe to enter physically or mentally, I have the right not to continue photography and refund will not be given.

Travel times and photography adjustments

All travel times (traveling from preparations to ceremony and party after, also break for the food etc.) are included in total photography time. Clients are not given rights to use filters, crop, edit, resize or adjust photographs in any way as it will lead to losing the quality of photographs.

Photography prints and albums

I am not responsible for client’s prints unless prints are purchased from Katarina Nichol Photography – it is recommended to print with companies for professional photographers to maintain the highest quality and sharpness of photographs. The sharpness and colors of photographs can be judged only when photographs are printed with a professional printing company that offers color calibration matched to my professional color settings, and photographs are manually sharpened in printing process. Katarina Nichol Photography does not take responsibility for the quality of any prints and/or albums printed with other companies.

Photography Copyright and marketing

Katarina Nichol Photography has rights to photographs taken by any of its company members. The client allows to display photographs from their sessions/events and/or use them for marketing/competitions/magazine/social media purposes. If you do not wish to display your photographs, please let me know in writing before your event and I will respect your privacy. Personal usage rights do not include copyright. Katarina Nichol Photography holds copyright to all photographs taken and never transfer copyright, unless commercial rights are purchased.

Retouching and editing

Katarina Nichol Photography has all rights to artistic license and to edit and retouch photographs to my best artistic feelings – I decide on colors, filters, retouched parts, or any other adjustments. Your package includes retouching and airbrushing on maximum of 10 portraits, however, if you have a special wish or requirement (for example you do not like black and white photographs and do not want to receive any), you must let me know before your event, as re-editing will incur in an extra charge.  

If you wish to change the colour of your dress on photographs, if you wish to whiten your teeth on photographs, change the sky, erase fire extinguishers, fire exits, corona-virus safety signs, coronavirus table glass, masks, visors, hands sanitizers, remove electronic devices from your guests hands, remove a videographer from the background, change your skin tone, colour, tan, remove bags, decorations etc – these services will incur an extra charge. The price depends on how many hours of work will be needed to fulfill your wish and this will be discussed before editing is started.

Photography visuals and colours

Please note I cannot always guarantee the exact colors my clients wish to see – mobile phones, tablets, and computers will all show different colors and resolutions. Please also note that quality may vary on each device as this again depends on the resolution quality of your device (for example the same photograph might appear blur on an older device, but on the latest device will appear very sharp – as photographs are very high resolution optimized for newest devices.  The charge for re-retouching and re-editing photographs is £10 per photograph.

Photographer’s artistic license

Poses, locations, lighting, composition, and angles under photographs are taken, are my artistic handwriting. If you do not like my composition, lighting, location, or poses used, you must tell me during your event/session as I am unable to change any of these later. I hold licenses to all software and equipment used, I am also HMRC registered and insured by Hiscox. If you wish to see the proof of my insurance and DBS check, please let me know and I am happy to send this over to you.

All Katarina Nichol Photography work is protected by Copyright. You receive edited photographs in high-resolution JPG (regular photography format) in an online gallery which you can share with your guests – please always tell your guests and family to download photographs directly from the gallery, as download of photographs from social media like Facebook etc. will be low quality as they get automatically compressed by Facebook.

Photography online gallery

This gallery has a download link where you will be able to download all photographs. I aim to send you a gallery with all your photography images within 4 weeks after your event, however, this might change if I become very busy, an accident happens to me, I get ill etc., I have the right to extend this editing period to 6-12 weeks. I do not send unedited photographs or raw format photographs – unless you buy the following packages.

Extra Packages

UNEDITED JPG package – 300-1000 photographs – the extra price for this service is £1000.

RAW format photographs package – 400-800, the extra price for this service is £2000

Coronavirus and Covid-19 SARS Policy

Clients agree to follow government coronavirus guidelines on their photography session, event and wedding. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure guests follow safety measures on their event, making sure they comply with the law of safety social bubbles etc.

Cancellation procedure and complain policy of photography services

I always aim to achieve the best results, exceed expectations, and meet the ideas of my clients, but in case you wish to complain, please address any complaints in writing no later than 5 days after receiving an online gallery with your edited photographs.

After this period, I am not able to deal with any complaints as RAW and UNEDITED photographs are automatically deleted from my system. Cancellation is required in writing. In case of cancellation for personal reasons, the deposit and full amount paid are not refundable (for example bride/groom or family member cannot travel to the event from another country, partners split, etc.).

Bookings are not transferable to another date (unless your event is canceled by the government or you have to self-isolate due to a virus). If you test positive for coronavirus and need to self-isolate, you are required to send the proof, and you can reschedule your event once with no extra fee. Please check with me if I am available on your new date, if I am not available, an associate photographer will photograph your event.

In case I cancel your booking for any reason, or I cannot attend your event for unforeseen circumstances, the full amount and retainer will be refunded in case I do not find associate photographer. I will not contribute towards your new photographer or pay for emotional damage.

Agreement to follow updated terms, conditions and policies

By paying deposit and/or full amount for photography services clients automatically agree to all terms, conditions and policies of Katarina Nichol Photography/or associate photographer’s terms and conditions and policies. By booking photography services, it is a client’s responsibility to check updated terms and conditions and policies of Katarina Nichol Photography, as they change by following government guidelines and law requirements.

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