Invest in moments

You are now engaged. Congratulations! What is the next step?

There is plenty of different approach to your wedding day, every bride and groom has their own view about how the wedding day should look – do you want traditional register ceremony, would you like to get married on the patio in a boutique hotel, or would your personality more suit a boho or alternative forest or tipi type or minimalist wedding?

The answer is up to each couple as all couples are different – do what you love, and love what you do. Your wedding day will be perfect, no matter how small or big wedding you have. As an experienced professional wedding photographer based in Surrey, most common weddings for me are the ones happening in Surrey, Kent, Sussex and London and find magical atmosphere in each of them, when bride and groom are in love. Just to let you know – I love to shoot gay same sex weddings in London when love is in the air too – bride and bride or groom and groom wedding brings their own personality.

Wedding day requires a lot of planning, which I know is time consuming. And because you spent so much time on making your day very special, choosing your dream wedding dress so you can say yes to the dress, choosing rings, hand marriage notice in, going for wedding interview providing all legal documents, hand picking decorations. Time comes quickly to seeing all those beautiful wedding venues in London and chapels and registry office in Bromley, Croydon, Sutton and Wimbledon, also getting information about wedding packages from Kent and Surrey castles and venues. Attending food tastings – what wedding starter, main course and desert will you choose for your wedding guests? Do they have any dietary requirements? I cannot forget planning your wedding theme and colours, wedding invites, wedding table sitting order. Who will be groomsmen and bridesmaids – they will all need the same suit and dress to wear. Finally, you cannot forget to appoint who will be in charged of your speeches!

As you can see the whole wedding day takes careful planning and I believe that wedding photography needs be chosen with the same consideration to enhance all the beauty, creativity and energy you put in into this day, to preserve and reflect those moments in years to come. Because I know how much effort wedding couples put in, I reflect even tiny details in my wedding storytelling,  as I believe little details can build a  bigger picture. I also like when my clients are so surprised about little details they even did not get to notice on the day. Here is where I see importance in documentary photography – capturing moments that many people do not get to see.

Documentary reportage style of photography – also called natural or candid natural wedding photography, surely it is the most popular style these days in high demand. We can call it in other words – as it happens or contemporary wedding photography. Look at my portfolio where you can see full candid natural wedding reportage.

As planning your wedding day, you usually know roughly what your schedule will be, therefore you can take your photography planning from here – to see how many hours of wedding photography you are looking for – there is not the right answer as again all engaged couples are different. If you are not sure how long you should hire me for, I am happy to direct a bit more light into your day to help you to decide if you would like me to photograph your bridal preparation – or do you want me to photograph only ceremony and wedding breakfast? We will chat about what your requirements are I will listen to you on how you would like to spend your very special day in your life.

I cannot wait to hear about wedding!

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