Your wedding day

Every wedding is unique and has its own spirit. Bridal and groom preparations are important parts of your wedding day. Capturing the smallest details make a big difference in wedding photography reportage as they explain wedding storytelling in the bigger picture.

Documenting your morning way of becoming a bride, I photograph it all – morning coffee with mum and bridesmaids, getting bridal make-up and bridal hair up done, chatting to your bridesmaids about memories you made together in past years while you are getting ready, giving your bridesmaids gifts.  Once your hair and makeup is ready, the most expected moment comes – getting to wear your wedding dress.

Putting your wedding dress on is to many bride’s dream becoming reality and excitement levels start to raise – I love to photograph this part as this makes all my brides smile and it is a perfect opportunity to capture the real excitement and emotions of bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride. All those around you are your perfect support on your wedding day.

It is unforgettable experience for me to be part of your morning and photograph all that bossiness and mood.

Wedding ceremony is for many wedding couples the most exciting part of their special day. It requires careful planning and research, choosing the right location and booking the date for your wedding. I have photographed weddings at many wedding venues and registry offices, and I am always amazed by how wedding couples choose to make wedding venues look at their wedding day! Naturally, I photograph the most important parts of the wedding ceremony like the first look, exchanging wedding vows, exchanging wedding rings, the first kiss, receiving your marriage certificate and you leaving the ceremony hall as a married couple for the very first time. I photograph all this in the documentary type of photography – I do not disturb your wedding ceremony. Weddings can take place in the registry office, which takes usually 20 minutes, or in the church, which lasts usually for 1 hour.

At the church there are usually strong restrictions in place – for example wedding photographer cannot move around during the wedding ceremony, a wedding photographer cannot use flash or any other type of lighting and many more – those are individual rules of each church that your wedding is taking place, therefore, I strongly recommend my clients to ask what restrictions are in place when they are choosing their church and talk about them prior to their church wedding ceremony. Wedding venues and wedding registry offices let wedding photographer go free with their imagination, there is only one restriction in place – wedding couple cannot be photographed while signing registry as this is against Data Protection Law, but registry office registrars usually offer mock signing wedding register for staged photographs if you wish to be photographed while signing the register. You can invite your witnesses to be photographed with you, and also most of the time family members are invited to take pictures.

When the wedding ceremony is about to finish, the final step is to give you an envelope with the marriage certificate and you leave the ceremony room or church. Most of the time, group photographs follow straight after the ceremony – it is up to clients if they wish to have group photographs with their wedding guests. After, we make our way to your wedding reception. At your wedding breakfast, I capture the beauty of your wedding decorations and the whole wedding set up on the day including the top table, and other wedding set up. I am usually in touch with a wedding venue manager – they let me know when you arrive and I take photographs of your arrival, and I take candid photographs of you making their big entrance.

Some weddings have traditions – the most common traditions are group photographs, wedding meal, first dance, cutting the cake, toast, and speeches. My aim is to capture the fun and emotions of you and your wedding guests, special moments, a relaxed wedding atmosphere, and delicious food served. In between, me and the wedding couple are going to beautiful surroundings to create wedding couple portraits, that are taken with guidance and advice and in relaxed atmosphere so you do not feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

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