Sutton registry office wedding photography Surrey

Firstly I would love to say that Sutton is beautiful part of Greater London and it is very close to be in Surrey. It is always pleasure to photograph wedding at Sutton register office as celebrants are really nice and friendly, so first impression is warm feeling, which is important on your wedding day.

Sutton registry office also offers parking to wedding couple and guests right at its footstep, and there is nice waiting area with fireplace and vintage chairs and staircase, which is opportunity to get some photographs before your wedding ceremony start.  

They have few rooms, and it depends on how big wedding you plan to how – how many guests is the main measure and by this they offer you a wedding room to suit your needs. Rooms are decorated in neutral colours, so any theme your wedding will hold, will fit into their neutral creamy colours.

Rooms are filled with natural light as Sutton registry office is old English building with big white lined windows that let plenty of natural sunlight in, which is the best for wedding photography.

Wedding guests are usually sat in two or more rows, leaving the aisle empty for bride and groom to enter the room. Again, you as a bride can choose if your parents will bring you down the aisle or if you walk just yourself. Groom is usually waiting close by the registry office table and here comes my favourite moment – when groom sees the bride for the very first time – called these days first look photography. During the ceremony wedding couple hold their hands and looking into each other eyes and pronounce vows to cherish each other forever.

Than a very special moment comes when bride and groom exchange their wedding rings, and here we go – very first kiss as a newly wedded husband and wife! After those beautiful moments, you will sign wedding register, invited will be as well your witnesses, shortly after you will be provided with marriage certificate and just married Mr. and Mrs can leave the wedding registry room.

Sutton registry office owns a beautiful garden full of greenery and seats and back of the garden looks like little forest – perfect for little kids who attend your wedding as they can entertain themselves a bit.

Registry office garden offers full potential to photograph staged and candid wedding couple portraits, and family group photographs, which makes this part of your wedding very easy as you do not have travel for group or couple photos as Sutton registry office offers all in one place.

Sutton register office natural documentary wedding ceremony photographer London

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